Idalia Update:

We served over 20,000 meals in the past two days. Please go here to help and see below. -- Gary

I want you to meet Billie and Tori, a young couple who live just a few hundred yards from the Gulf.

Idalia brought six feet of storm surge bursting through their back door and filling their home with water. When they were finally able to return to their home, they found their refrigerator floating on its side in their living room. They rushed to their garage to try to salvage what they could, but the water had already reached up to their necks. Billie's prized guitar which had been swept away by the rising waters was later found over a mile away.

On top of the trauma of having their home flooded, a health condition forced them to drive over 30 minutes each direction just to get food that met their needs. That's when Mercy Chefs arrived with hot meals for their community. It was the first hot meal they had been able to eat in their home since Idalia struck.

+ + Help still needed today...

The storm hit over a week ago and our team is still finding areas that haven't been effectively reached where folks like Billie and Tori are digging out and need help.

In just the past two days, Mercy Chefs has provided over 20,000 meals. We'll serve thousands more today.

Can you help by sponsoring 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals? Go here to help Idalia victims today:

This has been a challenging deployment, in part because we are serving such a large geographical region. Plus, we just received a request for another 3,000 meals and we're still finding pockets of need.

Please pray and help as you can.

Thanks in advance and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs