With the war into its fourth month, the pain and anguish of those on the ground is only increasing. Reports yesterday indicated that 90% of the homes in Sievierodonetsk had been damaged (60% beyond repair) and nearly all of the "critical infrastructure" has been destroyed.

Your support is making it possible to provide a lifeline of hope to countless thousands of Ukrainians in the same cities on the front lines of Russia's attacks that you are hearing about in the news. As I write, Mercy Chefs and our partners are continuing to provide food and resources to those inside Ukraine -- one truckload or one van load at a time. 

+ + Helping Orphans in the midst of this crisis...

At the same time, Mercy Chefs is helping those who are fleeing Ukraine, including the children who are innocent victims of Putin's campaign of rage. For example, thanks to our partners, Mercy Chefs has been able to support the efforts of an orphanage in Romania that is regularly feeding 100 children per day. As Ukrainians continue to pour across the border, the need for a meal made safely with love is greater than ever. And the smiles on these children’s faces remind us that there is hope in the midst of this crisis.

We have also supported orphanages inside Ukraine that have taken on even more children and families as people flee the war zones in hopes of finding safety.

This week, our critical mission in Ukraine continues. And Mercy Chefs will reach as many people as your support makes possible!

Will you help us feed thousands of orphans and families who are in the firing line of Russia's invasion while we continue other efforts? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

I've looked into these children's faces. I've handed a meal to a mom who is just trying to survive another day in a war zone with her kids. Your support is a literal lifeline of practical relief and hope. Please help me keep this lifeline open!

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc