Today, our team is hard at work across Texas providing hot meals, water and other essentials to the people here, many of whom are still in crisis. Life has not returned to normal yet. Not even close. Per news reports yesterday, as many as ONE-THIRD of all Texans are still facing insecurity with their water supply

+ + Horrendous Situation at Senior Center

We are hearing many heartbreaking stories. One came from a low-income senior community that had been without power and water until yesterday. It appears they had been abandoned. The situation got so bleak that the residents contemplated eating pet food to survive.
It was horrendous. Our team was able to get them meals and now we are making sure they get the help they need moving forward.

Yesterday, our team prepared and delivered more than 10,000 meals, and we are on pace to provide thousands more today. We also just sent one of our water purification units to a community in the Austin area where they are expected to be without water for two more weeks. Another unit is headed to Rockport.

This is a massive crisis in one of our nation's largest states that is demanding an extremely widespread response from Mercy Chefs. To make it through this crisis and meet all the needs we are seeing, I urgently need the help of every Mercy Chefs friend.

The next few days could be the most critical in our response. The needs are still very pressing and I must keep our Mercy Chefs teams fully engaged in our multi-faceted response. Go here to help Mercy Chefs provide hot meals in STORM-RAVAGED TEXAS while we continue other vital efforts:

Every gift helps. Just $50 will provide 20 HOT MEALS; $100 will help us serve 40 hot meals; $500 sponsors 200 meals; $1,000 feeds 400 people a hot, nutritious, chef-prepared meal.

This has been an extremely challenging deployment. Even getting here was difficult. Yesterday, one of our kitchens had an equipment failure and we had to move all the food preparation to another kitchen. It was quite an effort, but our team didn't miss a beat and got all the meals out and we weren't even late!

I wish you could see the faces of the people you are helping. They are SO GRATEFUL to receive a hot, chef-prepared meal in the midst of this crisis. Thank you for your prayers and support, and God Bless You!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs