I’m sure you’re busy. So, I will be quick. I just want to share a brief story with you from our summer project “Beacon of Hope” down in Panama City, Florida …

Last week, a young family of five came to our center for dinner. The young mom looked tired as she walked in with her two daughters while holding her little baby. Hannah, one of our team members, could see the fatigue on her face, so she offered to hold the infant. After a few minutes, the baby was sound asleep in Hannah’s arms, while the young girls began coloring at our craft table.

The mom sat down with her daughters and began coloring too. They colored together for about 20 minutes until she needed to feed the baby. It seemed like such an "ordinary" moment, but as the parents shared their story with Hannah, we realized that this 20-minute break was a great blessing. They shared about their experience during the storm and how challenging recovery had been and still was.

As they were leaving, the mom thanked Hannah for giving her 20 minutes to color with her girls. She said she hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy simple things like coloring with her daughters since the storm.

This is why Mercy Chefs is in Panama City all summer feeding these children and their families. Every day, families like this come to receive hot meals from our team, each with their own story from Hurricane Michael. Each walking their own long road to recovery.

They still need our help! If you haven’t already joined our efforts in Florida, I’d like to ask you to do so today! Your gift will provide a hot meal for children and families in need. For just $50, you can sponsor a child to receive hot, nutritious meals for a full week! Go here to make your tax-deductible gift now.

Thank you for your partnership, and may God bless you!