I hope you saw my special announcement from earlier in the week (see video below).

I am so excited that Mercy Chefs has more than doubled the impact of one of our most important outreaches. I'm talking about our Family Grocery Boxes.

+ + These boxes are a godsend for families...

A few years ago as part of our disaster relief efforts, we began distributing Family Grocery Boxes so families who were rebuilding their lives could get a jump start with a supply of food in their homes.

During the pandemic, these Family Grocery Boxes became a true godsend for thousands of struggling families. To date, we've distributed more than 200,000 Family Grocery Boxes representing over 7 million meals!

Now, everything is about to double...

+ + BREAKTHROUGH for families

Working with our chefs and purchasing team, we've been able to increase the number of meals each grocery box provides from 20 to 50!

When my team first came to me with the news, I almost couldn't believe it. But they worked hard to maximize every Family Grocery Box so we can provide as many meals as possible in each box.

+ + We just prepared another 1,500 Family Grocery Boxes...

This past week, our team at our Storehouse in Alabama worked to assemble another 1,500 Family Grocery Boxes. That means we'll be distributing another 75,000 meals to hurting families across the country in the coming weeks.

But we need YOUR help!

Just like our hot meals, every Family Grocery Box depends on the generosity of friends like you.

Would you please consider sponsoring one, two, or even three hurting families here in America to each receive 50 meals through a Family Grocery Box in the coming weeks? Go here to sponsor a family to receive 50 Family Grocery Box meals:

This breakthrough more than doubles the impact of each Family Grocery Box so we can do more to ease the burden for struggling moms and dads across the country.

Now, I need your partnership.

Thanks in advance for helping Mercy Chefs provide tens of thousands of meals to hurting families.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

Special Announcement: