This week, our Mercy Chefs team on the ground in Eastern Ukraine has been leading training for cooks while also delivering meals directly to those at the very front lines of this war.

In the mornings, we train the kitchen team that is providing hundreds of meals every day. In the afternoons, we join with the teams who are delivering meals to the shelters located right off the front lines. These shelters house many of the elderly who have chosen to stay close to their homes in hopes of preserving something of their lives. Plus, they simply have no place else to go.

We also serve soldiers who are active in the fight as well as young families who come to the shelters. It's heartbreaking to see children whose worlds have been turned upside down with no end in sight.

Our Ukrainian partners who are working with us to cook and distribute meals from our kitchen are heroes. They risk their lives every day, putting their trust in God to provide for each meal they serve and also to protect them.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}I'm asking for your help this week. The cost of sustaining a relief effort of this magnitude can be overwhelming. But I feel we must continue to feed Ukrainians who are suffering the most.

Will you partner with me to feed those on the front lines of this war and continue this lifeline of hope that has fed millions of Ukrainians? Go here:

A short time ago, I could not have imagined that Mercy Chefs would be providing critical relief directly to those on the front lines of a war. But this is where the Lord has placed us as we follow our mission to "Just Go Feed People." And right now, we are reaching some of the most hurting people in the world at the front lines of this war.

Sadly, the war continues. The suffering continues. And Mercy Chefs continues.

Please pray. And please help as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs