The base camp in central Israel that is housing our Mercy Chefs team and the full kitchen capabilities has also become home to many evacuating families. What's happened to these families is heartbreaking, especially for the children.

Everyone here knows someone who lost their life in the despicable terror attacks of October 7. These evacuees are still living through the trauma of those attacks, of friends and family who have perished, of having to flee their homes, and of a very uncertain future as war closes in on Israel from all sides.

+ + Serving hot meals TODAY across Israel...

President Biden has been in Israel today as the escalation to an even more expansive war continues. It feels as if tensions in the region have never been higher.

For our team, the facts on the ground remain the same...

Today, we again are serving families across Israel -- both evacuees who have been forced to flee their homes as well as others who are still residing near the front lines.

Can you help?

It costs about $70 to provide 20 hot meals to Israeli families. Perhaps you can sponsor 30 meals ($105), or even 50 ($175), or 100 ($350). Some friends have been able to donate $1,000 , $2,000, and even $5,000. EVERY GIFT WILL HELP. Go here to help Mercy Chefs rush relief to war victims in Israel:

Israeli officials are calling this Israel's 911. Because of the savage brutality by the hands of Hamas terrorists against innocent families -- grandparents, pregnant mothers, children and even infants -- for Israel, this is the worst tragedy since the Holocaust.

The people here are mourning while at the same time preparing to do everything in their power to protect their land and fight this horrible war of terror.

Please continue to pray. Our team feels your prayers! And help us meet this critical need of hot meals for hurting families in Israel.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs