We are serving hot meals TODAY to wildfire victims in Maui at the epicenter of the worst devastation. The next 72 hours are critical. Please go here to sponsor hot meals for Maui wildfire victims and see details below. --Gary

The devastation on the Island of Maui is almost beyond comprehension. The death toll continues to climb (stands at 55 as of this morning), but officials fear there may be far greater loss of life as many as still unaccounted for. Search and rescue teams are working to locate possibly 1,000 people still missing.

Hawaii's governor said the fires are “likely the largest natural disaster in Hawaii’s state history.” The fire that consumed the historic tourist town of Lahaina erupted from a small fire to an out-of-control inferno in a matter of hours. From The Wall Street Journal:

“Within just two or three hours, the majority of the town was gone,” said Richard Coennen, a 37-year-old project manager for a construction company. Bosco Bae, a 39 year-old art gallery employee, said, “It was very apocalyptic…I couldn’t see a thing, but it was like raining fire, embers raining down.”

Thousands. have been left homeless and are being moved to shelters. Residents whose homes haven't been destroyed are being asked to house victims.

+ + Serving Meals TODAY for wildfire victims

The good news is Mercy Chefs will be serving meals today starting with Lunch right in Lahaina -- the center of the worst devastation.

There is an immense need in Lahaina right now. The town is destroyed. The community is devastated. We will be providing hot meals to a very shaken group of people who are thankful just to be alive.

Can you help Mercy Chefs today as we rush relief to Maui fire victims?

The next 72 hours are critical as we begin serving meals and provide front-line response to those who have been impacted the most. Go here to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals for Maui wildfire victims:

Most importantly, please pray for the people of Maui who have lost loved ones and have seen their homes and all they own go up in flames in just a few hours.

Also, pray for our team as we work to reach the most people we can with high-quality meals. This deployment will be an enormous logistical challenge. Mercy Chefs has established bases of operations at two churches on each side of the island. Just getting food supplies across the island is precarious. At any time the roads could be closed, cutting off our team near Lahaina.

PLEASE PRAY TODAY. And help by sponsoring meals for wildfire victims.

God bless,


P.S. If you already donated, THANK YOU SO MUCH! As the Lord leads, please consider giving again. If you haven't yet donated to Maui wildfire relief, please do so today! The next 72 hours are critical as we meet the most urgent needs for food at the epicenter of the worst devastation. Go here:

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