We've met so many wonderful people in Puerto Rico this week. It's such a blessing and a privilege to be able to help them in their time of need. On Thursday, the team and I traveled high into the mountains again. So many people here are STILL without power, ten months after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria hit. It's heartbreaking to see how difficult life is on the island for so many of our fellow Americans.

Juan and Carmine are an elderly brother and sister who live in Utuado, Puerto Rico. They have been without power or a generator since Hurricane Irma hit two weeks BEFORE Hurricane Maria. The two of them have adapted to a very simple life. But Carmine spends the days alone in their secluded home, while her brother works in the coffee fields. They find joy in their life, but it is so very hard for people their age.
Mercy Chefs looks forward to returning soon with solar panels, so they can have light in the darkness and the ability to keep food and water chilled. We came to meet their needs, but Carmine refused to let us leave empty-handed, giving us fresh ginger root, pumpkins, peppers and cherries from her garden. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to install these solar panels, thanks to the support of friends like you!

+ + Because of you, Mercy Chefs can reach out to those who feel forgotten!

Each of us has a desire to be known. But so many Puerto Ricans living in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, especially those who have gone without power for ten months, feel completely forgotten. Getting the chance to talk and pray with them, while bringing supplies to meet their physical needs, is truly an honor. The amount of gratitude showered upon us has been more humbling than ever.
Thank you for helping us bring light into the darkness through our "Operation Crisis Recovery" efforts in Puerto Rico. But the truth is that we wouldn't be here without your help. Mercy Chefs can't go anywhere unless you send us! So, thank you for equipping us to meet these people where they are.



P.S. Our plan to install donated solar panels in up to 40 homes in Puerto Rico is moving forward. For $2,000, we can install five solar panels that a family can use to run a refrigerator, led lights, a fan and in-home medical equipment. We're more than halfway to our goal of raising $80,000 to install the 200 donated solar panels this summer. Thank you again for your prayers and generous financial support of this life-changing initiative. When you donate to Mercy Chefs, you are making a difference in people's lives during their time of need. Click here or on the banner below to support this and other life-changing Mercy Chefs outreaches with your tax-deductible gift of any amount:

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