The devastation is horrendous. It's hard to find something, anything that wasn't impacted by this deadly Category 4 storm. Almost everything here has been wiped out. Infrastructure will need to be rebuilt. We're hearing it will take at least a week before power is restored. Along one major highway, all the utility poles are down. We've provided meals for electrical workers who are working all day and well into the night to restore electricity.

It's not just the beachfront homes that have been affected; inland areas have been hit hard by Michael, too. Some people whose homes were completely destroyed weren't even in an evacuation zone. We're still looking for ways to get meals into the Mexico Beach area, where search-and-rescue teams are still working to find survivors and victims. We've heard that only about 20 percent of the city's residents evacuated. Most just didn't have time to leave. A large number of people are still missing. The worst may not be over for this battered and broken community, as the casualty numbers continue to go up.

+ + Mercy Chefs will soon be able to provide 18,000 daily meals!

Our biggest mobile kitchen, "Mercy 3" (which we also call "The Beast"), will arrive today. As the need for meals drastically increases over the next few days, we'll have the ability to feed 18,000 daily meals to hurricane victims, first responders, repair crews and others in desperate need. Please partner with us to answer their calls for help by making a tax-deductible gift of any amount now.

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Survivors in Mexico Beach said, after their windows blew out, they had to hold onto each other to keep from getting sucked out by the hurricane. The Florida panhandle has never experienced a storm like this. Actually, there aren't many people anywhere who've endured what these folks are going through right now.

We heard that an entire high-rise apartment building on the beach fell into the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Michael. We are just beginning to find out how many people didn't survive the storm. Our goal is to reach into the worst-hit communities, where Mercy Chefs can do the most good. To make that possible we urgently need your support. Please go here to help now.

Thank you, in advance, for helping us feed body and soul in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.