On Day Two of our Thanksgiving Weekend outreach to Florida hurricane victims, heartbreak hit our entire team. Our staff prepared a second round of about 400 holiday meals and served them at a makeshift "tent city" that has been set up at a church parking lot. This tent city consists of displaced workers, the homeless, and many families who still cannot return to their homes and have nowhere else to turn. So they are literally living in tents. Here is my video report;

My team has seen alot in 12 years, but we were shaken to the core by what we saw here -- weeks after the hurricane struck. There are families with little children. Single moms. 

Clearly, there is more work to be done here in Florida -- in addition to the thousands of holiday meals we have planned for those in need between now and the end of the year.

I'll be sharing more soon on how Mercy Chefs is reaching out to disaster victims and hurting families during the Christmas season. For now, please accept my sincere thanks for all that you did and continue to do to make these meals and this ministry possible.