We are running at FULL SPEED right now. In fact, as I took a moment to assess our recent activities, I almost couldn't believe all that happened through Mercy Chefs JUST THIS WEEK...

With the help of friends like you, Mercy Chefs provided MORE THAN 190,000 MEALS... this week alone!

Again, that's just in the past week. 

Through our Oklahoma "Farmers to Families" outreach, we helped provide over 160,000 meals. That's 273 pallets or over 12 tractor trailer truckloads at maximum capacity.
In addition, our community kitchen prepared more than 13,000 meals this week, and another 17,000 meals were distributed at various locations nationwide through grocery program.

But here's my challenge...

That number... 190,000 meals ... will undoubtedly INCREASE as we bring our second "Farmers to Families" program online next week, and the crisis is only getting worse. As I noted to you, a recent U.S. Census survey revealed that a shocking 12 million households with children report not having enough food to eat.

Once again, I'm turning to you for help. Can I count on your help this weekend as we prepare to provide 200,000 or more meals in the next week? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs:

If you haven't donated recently, please prayerfully consider how you can help. Our nation is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis -- at least in our lifetimes. With more than 40 million unemployed and MILLIONS of families saying they are short on food, we must do everything in our power to reach out and help. The good news is, the Lord continues to open unbelievable doors of ministry. This year alone our DAILY meal average has DOUBLED, then DOUBLED AGAIN, and then more than DOUBLED AGAIN over our daily meals served average from just one year ago.

And it could double again! The need is that great. That's why I'm asking for help this weekend.

If you gave recently, THANK YOU SO MUCH! If the Lord leads you to donate again, we'll put your gift to work as we expand to meet the needs of this ongoing crisis.

Finally, thank you for your prayers -- on behalf of our nation and for our team. We are so grateful for both your prayers and your financial support.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs