I have a challenge for you this week?

Convert a few cups of this...

Into this... a lifeline of hope complete with 20 meals to help a hurting family:

Winter is a tough time for many families across America. That's why Mercy Chefs is distributing Family Grocery Boxes to help families in need.

Each Family Grocery Box contains enough food for 20 meals. We want to feed thousands of families this winter. But we need YOUR HELP.

Would you sponsor one family for just $35? Or perhaps you can help sponsor two families ($70) or three families ($105). Go here to help SEND HOPE HOME this winter:

Each box we deliver is filled with all the ingredients needed for families to share a beautiful meal together at their dinner table. It's amazing what happens when we help a mom or a dad to feed their own family. The look on a parent's face when they realize their children won’t go hungry this week is the driving force behind our Family Grocery Box program. Dignity is restored.

Will you convert a few cups of coffee into a Family Grocery Box that will provide 20 meals for a family?

Thanks for partnering with us.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs