My team prepared a short video highlighting the need and Mercy Chefs' work in Eastern Kentucky.

Please go here to help sponsor meals for hurting families, and see below for more.


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Saturday Morning:

We just surpassed 40,000 hot meals served here in Eastern Kentucky, and the need is still extremely great.

Mercy Chefs is facing a challenge this weekend through early next week. We need to prepare thousands more meals, but we need help.

I'm asking every faithful friend of Mercy Chefs to prayerfully consider helping us today by sponsoring at least 10 meals. Perhaps you can do much more. Several friends have stepped forward to donate $1,000 (which helps provide about 280 hot meals).

Every gift will make a difference. Will you help me this weekend? Go here to help us feed hurting families here in Eastern Kentucky right now:

The flooding and winter cold snap ravaged this community. 90% of the children only received meals at school and were going hungry over the weekend. This is in the heart of America! Yet there has been virtually no media coverage.

FRIENDS LIKE YOU are the lifeline for these folks! Please pray and please help.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Adding in our grocery distribution, we've already provided over 50,000 meals. As I've noted, the demand has been DOUBLE what we anticipated. Please help stand in the gap for these families. Go here: