This is Ann. I'm a bit shell-shocked...

Yesterday, our team discovered a retirement community that had not been helped since the storm hit -- a FULL WEEK with no power, no support, and no hot meals.

The surrounding communities had power restored, but this elderly community in one of the poorest sections of Houston still didn't have power, and the people were being neglected. When our team arrived, there was rotting trash in the hallways of the building, which houses about 400 residents.

The people in this retirement community are confused. They don't understand what has happened... why power hasn't been restored... why no one has come to help.

When we started handing out meals, the people were in tears. I gave one woman a meal and she began sobbing uncontrollably. I'm pretty sure it was the first hot meal she'd had in a week, and the first time she hasn't felt alone since the storm hit.

We are still meeting critical needs here in Houston. This retirement home needs help. The school districts are asking us to help feed kids. Plus, the Red Cross just asked us to take over their meal distribution.

We're turning to friends like you. Your generosity makes every meal possible. Would you consider sponsoring even 20 meals ($70) that we'll serve in this retirement home and to hurting families here in Houston today through this weekend?  Go here to sponsor meals:

It was so heartbreaking to see all these elderly folks who were hurting. They felt totally abandoned.

Because of friends like YOU, Mercy Chefs was able to deliver tangible HOPE directly to these precious people! I wish you could have been there to see the urgent need along with the practical relief that a hot meal served in love provides to someone facing crisis.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

May God bless you for blessing others,

Ann LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs