I'm still a bit shocked by what has transpired over the past two months (it was almost exactly two months ago that Ann and I first arrived at the border of Ukraine).

When we first arrived, we had no idea that Mercy Chefs would serve as one of the key organizations that would provide food and critical supplies to those on the front lines of the war in Ukraine. I have traveled with our teams to these cities and helped distribute food to families who were hiding out in basements and subway stations to avoid the daily bombing raids.

As I noted in my earlier message (here), this week we surpassed 1.75 MILLION pounds of food and resources delivered to Ukrainians who are suffering in the midst of this war. But with this war showing no end in sight, I must keep this lifeline open!

Will you help Mercy Chefs THIS WEEKEND as we help feed Ukrainians who are suffering greatly as this war stretches into a third month? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift.

This war has been devastating. Yet at the same time, we are witnessing something incredible as "neighbors" like you who are thousands of miles away help care for their neighbors in Ukraine.

Please keep praying... and keep helping Mercy Chefs as we continue to get food and supplies to those in most urgent need inside Ukraine.

God bless,


P.S. This is what our warehouse in Romania near the border of Ukraine looks like. We have shipments of food and resources arriving constantly. The goods are then organized and loaded into trucks which transport the supplies deep inside Ukraine. There, churches and volunteers help distribute what you are helping to provide to those in need. Thank you for helping us this weekend!