As you know, we've been busy finalizing our plans to rebuild the Haiti kitchen that was destroyed by fire. I must move quickly to secure the funding due to the aggressive goal of having the kitchen rebuilt by early June.

God has done amazing things through this kitchen. He placed Mercy Chefs' kitchen right at the epicenter of a powerful mission that is leading a restoration of this entire region -- reaching more than 100,000 residents!

And the Lord's plans for this kitchen continue to grow! One of the considerations we are looking at right now is modifying the kitchen to also work for hosting vocational training for the students after 10th grade. The mission's school currently stops at 10th grade. This would help the children at the complex finish their education with a valuable skill for employment.

As I've noted, we had nothing in our budget to pay for rebuilding the Haiti kitchen. That means I must secure 100% of the funding from friends like you while at the same time we prepare for disaster responses here in the U.S.

Can you help today?

As the Lord leads, will you partner with Mercy Chefs in a special way this week to help us move forward with our plans to rebuild this kitchen? Go here now to make your tax-deducible gift to help Mercy Chefs rebuild this kitchen and continue other vital efforts:

If we could raise an additional $10,000 THIS WEEK to help with the kitchen and continue other efforts, it would be a great blessing!

Thank you in advance, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Founder
Mercy Chefs

P.S. If you missed my video report, please click on the image below. These kids stole our hearts all over again! Thanks for partnering with us!

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