It is moments like these that tear at my mind and heart.

There must be some way we can do more...

+ + Thousands of meals this weekend...

Friday through Sunday, we will serve over 5,000 meals in flooded Texas.
The need is great. Those who are volunteering with us are still without power, but they are here helping their neighbors even in the midst of their own need. Despite all the struggles with the Coronavirus and now this storm, they want to keep loving and supporting their community. Firemen and police officers and town employees are coming to get meals to deliver to people they know by name and who need help.

Even those who have been hit hard by the storm are looking out for those who are less fortunate. My wife, Ann, has been in Texas all week. She shared with me that she tried to give a meal to a man who was standing in the midst of floodwaters that had yet to recede days after the storm. He came over to her in his wading boots and said, "I can't take that meal, because I'm going to be okay. I don't need it as much as other people here who need that meal more than me."

It's encounters like this that make me want to do more, especially with a second major hurricane churning up the East Coast this weekend.

+ + Hurricane Isaias gaining strength

Hurricane Isaias has everywhere from Miami to Massachusetts under a watch. Our friends in Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Bahamas have already been impacted by this storm. Even as we serve in the Rio Grande Valley in the aftermath of Hanna and continue food distributions in Oklahoma, Florida and Virginia while serving tens of thousands of COVID relief meals, I must get our team ready for this storm and a possible deployment starting early next week.

I'm just sharing my heart today. We simply must continue the work in front of us and we must be ready for whatever may come.

Will you prayerfully consider helping with a special gift this weekend as Mercy Chefs works to respond to a very busy start to the hurricane season? Go here to help us provide hot meals to flood victims in South Texas this weekend while we get ready for what could be a major deployment to Hurricane Isais and continue other vital efforts:

Over the past two months, Mercy Chefs ha provided more than 2.5 MILLION meals. All week long, we have been meeting critical needs in Texas. Now, we are bracing for what Isaias could do to any number of cities and towns along the East Coast where Mercy Chefs has a personal connection, because we've stood with these communities during prior disasters.

Again, my heart's cry is to do MORE! To help MORE PEOPLE!

Will you partner with right now by making a financial investment in the lives of those who are in need of help? And please pray for God's mercy and protection for all those who may be in the path of this new storm.Thank you in advance, and may the Lord bless you.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs