Just over a week ago, our Mercy Chefs team brought meals for the first time to McRoberts, a small community here in Eastern Kentucky that was hit really hard by the floods.

The need in McRoberts is very urgent. These small communities lack the resources of larger towns and cities. That's why our team has been returning to McRoberts every day, going door-to-door and providing meals to these folks.

+ + Diane's request...

During my first visit to McRoberts, I met Diane and her husband who have three special needs children. About six feet of water had flooded the first floor of their home, and it left their home filled with more mud than you can even imagine.

Every day has been a struggle for Diane and her family. All the disruptions to their lives have made it especially difficult for her special needs children, who rely on the "normal" routine of their home life. Diane even ended up in the emergency room one evening, probably because of contaminated water.

Mercy Chefs has been bringing hot meals and other essentials to Diane and her neighbors in McRoberts on a daily basis. The other day, one of our team members asked Diane what else we could bring her in addition to the meals. Her answer really highlights the level of challenge these folks are facing...

"If you can just get me another mop," Diane said. "My mop is starting to fall apart from the mud."

Diane's request for a mop helps put everything in perspective. The needs here are very basic: food, water, and a mop to get rid of the mud.

Of course, we brought Diane another mop during our next delivery, along with hot meals that you helped provide.

Today, our team will be back in McRoberts hand-delivering meals to Diane's family while we reach out with meals and support across this region.

Will you help Mercy Chefs provide meals to Diane and her family this weekend, along with thousands of other flood victims who still need help? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift for flood relief:

Today and tomorrow, we'll provide 5,000 or more meals to flood victims. We need a friend like you to help sponsor each meal.

Just $35 will help sponsor 10 meals; $50 equips us to reach 14 people. If you can donate $105, we'll deliver 30 meals. Perhaps you can do more. A gift of $1,000 will help sponsor about 285 meals this weekend; $3,500 will help us deliver 1,000 meals.

Every gift and every prayer will help. These folks need both our prayers and our financial support.

Thanks so much for partnering with us this weekend to serve these families who have been devastated by the flooding.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs