It was cold and rainy yesterday in Little Rock. The good people here are still reeling from the devastating tornado, and more storms are threatening.

In the midst of these difficulties, our team prepared a restaurant-quality meal to help families who are just starting to pick up the pieces of their scattered dreams.

Here, Chef Jon is holding a plate of seasoned ground beef with fire-roasted peppers, onions and tomatoes served atop penne pasta and garnished with shredded cheddar. We also included a side of fresh green beans and feta cheese, a buttered roll, and cherry crisp for dessert. 

This is our mission -- to serve high-quality meals to those facing disaster and hardship. This dream started when I volunteered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina's strike on my hometown of New Orleans. While helping to meet basic food needs on the streets of that city, I knew there had to be a better way to feed people during disasters. Out of that desire to serve high-quality meals to disaster victims, Mercy Chefs was born.

This week, our teams have been living out this vision to feed people in a way that impacts lives and brings hope. With Easter approaching, our teams are still meeting this very practical need.

Your partnership means so much to me personally and to the people we are helping. As the Lord leads, will you consider helping to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals we'll serve over the next several days to tornado victims? Go here to help with tornado relief:

The truth is, I can't really explain how profound a meal can be for someone in disaster. It's something you see in their countenance when you hand a tornado victim a warm, chef-prepared meal. There's a light that comes into their eyes that says, "Someone actually cares enough to prepare a real meal for me."

Thank you for making this mission possible. And thanks for your prayers and support as we feed tornado victims and reach out around the world to feed people body and soul.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs