My heart is breaking at the need. Yesterday, we met a man -- a disabled American vet -- who passed out in our serving line. After the storm, he had crawled down four flights of stairs in his apartment as he was desperate just to survive. He told me he had not been able to find anything to eat or drink since the hurricane, and he has a host of medical conditions.

And he's not alone. We took hot meals and bottled water to his residence home -- an apartment building for disabled vets. These vets had not received any assistance and were in urgent need of help.

Here is a short video further describing what happened:

The need here is extremely urgent. We're expecting to do 15,000 meals DAILY. Nearly a million are still without power and now we're finding critical places of need where people seriously need help, like this home for our vets.


Can I count on you?

Will you help me provide 15,000 hot meals to Hurricane Ida victims TODAY -- and reach disabled American vets and others who have been stranded by this storm? Go here to help sponsor 10, 20, 50, 100, 350, or even 1,000 meals for Hurricane Ida victims in Louisiana who desperately need our help:

Again, I can't express enough how great the need is. Thanks to you, Mercy Chefs is here and we are serving thousands.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God bless,


P.S. Below is the vet who collapsed and now has hot meals and bottled water, thanks to you. My heart breaks when we meet people who are so desperate for food and water. The situation here is bleak, but YOU CAN HELP US BRING HOPE! These vets must be fed -- along with thousands more who need our help. Go here to sponsor meals, and thanks in advance: