The national media is almost totally ignoring the disaster that has unfolded in the aftermath of Ida in Louisiana.

The fact is, tens of thousands are still in a crisis. Just yesterday, officials confirmed that the death toll in Louisiana alone from Hurricane Ida had reached 26 -- and most of names added died as a result of the EXCESSIVE HEAT that people are still facing.

As of this morning, hundreds of thousands are still without power, and Mercy Chefs continues to get slammed with requests from communities that have not yet seen relief arrive.

Today, Mercy Chefs will once again provide 20,000 hot meals across up to 16 locations, reaching the hardest hit communities and those who are still facing a critical need. The costs are astronomical, and I need help.

Will you stand with Mercy Chefs right now to feed 20,000 people TODAY? Your gift will make a difference in the lives of Ida victims right away. Go here to make you tax-deductible gift:

+ + Brutal Conditions

The conditions in Ida-ravaged Louisiana continue to be brutal. I can't express to you what a difficult challenge the heat has been -- especially for those who have been without power now for 10 days or more, with no end in sight. As I noted, most of the recently confirmed deaths are from the heat. People with no way to escape the heat must have food and water. What Mercy Chefs is providing is, for many, a LIFELINE. 

Also, please pray or our Mercy Chefs team. Every day, my team gets new requests for help. Our staff and volunteers are starting as early as 4AM to produce what is an extraordinary volume of hot meals. YESTERDAY, WE PASSED 150,000 HOT MEALS SERVED in Louisiana! And I can see the need for another 100,000 meals over the next several days. Pray for our staff and volunteers to have the strength to keep up this unbelievable pace.

Will you stand with Mercy Chefs? I urgently need help. The people here feel forgotten. It seems the national news has moved on, but I can tell you the crisis is very real for thousands of people right now. 

Thank you in advance and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. The need we see on people's faces breaks my heart. It's what keeps us going. It's quite amazing what happens when they receive some measure of relief when they open their Mercy Chefs container and see a restaurant-quality meal. We have people stop their cars and come back and, in tears, hug our team for providing them with such a great meal. What you are equipping Mercy Chefs to do is life changing! Please help us serve 20,000 meals today. Go here to donate, and thanks in advance.

Steve Elliott


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