In the aftermath of disaster, our Mercy Chefs teams work to reach every person we possibly can who needs help.

Here in Florida, Hurricane Idalia impacted a very wide geographical area and many rural communities. This made meal distribution a challenge. Some of our meals have been delivered 90 miles from our base of operations.

That's why we were so grateful when the Florida State Guard stepped forward and offered to help us deliver meals to the most unreachable places. First, Guard members came and helped us prepare and pack the meals for transport. Then, they took hundreds of meals to remote communities. Some of these communities had been beyond the reach of relief efforts.

We also see disaster victims on the receiving end of Mercy Chefs' meals partnering with us to help distribute meals to their neighbors.

The fact is, what we are doing takes a true team effort -- local volunteers, the Florida Guard, our cooks and staff... and YOU!

Every meal we prepare and serve is made possible by the generous contributions of friends like you. Will you partner with Mercy Chefs today as we continue to provide thousands of meals to Idalia victims and volunteers? Go here:

This has been a tough "holiday" weekend for the folks here. Please continue to pray for those impacted by Idalia. And thanks for your partnership with Mercy Chefs.

May God bless you richly.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs