Wednesday Late from Ukrainian border:

I have some big news that impacts our relief efforts here on the Ukrainian border...

Just this evening, we secured WAREHOUSE SPACE in a town right on the Ukrainian border!
 This is an enormous breakthrough because we must have a place to receive and distribute donated product and groceries. This will serve as our hub to reach as many people in need as we can.

Beginning tomorrow, the first vans loaded with resources will be going inside Ukraine to serve those trying to leave as well as hard-hit communities in the middle of the war. Our goal is to get 40,000 meals to refugees and Ukrainians caught in the crossfire tomorrow. I anticipate that, by this weekend, we will be able to greatly exceed that number by filling large trucks that can reach even more people.

So much is coming together in such a short time. Being able to reach the refugees and those inside Ukraine means our impact here could be far greater than I had anticipated. Now, I need your help to fill these vans and these trucks and get the food and resources delivered!

Can you help THIS EVENING?

Go here to make your tax-deductible gift and help Mercy Chefs provide vital food and essentials to refugees and those on the frontlines of this war inside Ukraine.

God bless,


P.S. Please be praying! The stories we are hearing are heartbreaking and there are reports that the Russians are even targeting the escape routes. Ask God to protect the people here and our team, especially as we move food and supplies across the border tomorrow. Go here to help:

Note on Gumby in photo: Gumby is the Mercy Chefs "mascot." We bring him along on our relief deployments as a reminder for our team to always stay flexible!

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