As I write, our team in Israel is preparing hot meals and grocery boxes for Israeli families. Please consider sponsoring 10 or 20 meals, and see below for the latest. --Gary

Something amazing (and unexpected) is happening in the midst of Mercy Chefs' ongoing relief efforts in Israel...

We are seeing groups across Israel come together around the united goal of food relief.

As you know, Mercy Chefs is providing both hot meals and Family Grocery Boxes to families across Israel. We are reaching from the south near Gaza all the way to the north -- all from our base in central Israel. As the intensity of this war increases, we are seeing the need increase as well.

Recently, we hosted a grocery box training event in which Family Grocery Boxes were assembled by leaders from different Christian groups across Israel. These groups had not regularly collaborated on common projects. Over the span of one afternoon, these groups worked together to assemble 1,000 Family Grocery Boxes. Three of the groups represented are now replicating our model and will be assembling another 1,500 Family Grocery Boxes in the coming days. In all, these efforts will help provide about 50,000 meals to families across Israel!

This is the only answer to the horrible hatred that is coming against Israel and the Jewish people. We must stand together for the people of Israel and do what we can to help.

Today, Mercy Chefs and our partners are again hard at work preparing hot meals and Family Grocery Boxes. Will you help us reach thousands of Israelis over the next few days? Go here to help sponsor 10, 20, or even 50 hot meals for Israeli families:

Finally, please continue to pray for the people of Israel. The people are still shaken by what happened on October 7. They also hear the reports of the growing wave of anti-Semitism that is capturing headlines around the world.

The Jewish community needs our prayers right now -- and our support -- like never before.

Thanks for partnering with us,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

Acapulco Deployment Update:
A Mercy Chefs team will arrive TODAY in Acapulco. The need there is great. Go here for details and to help.