Thursday Midday (In transit to Iowa)

I'm in transit to Cedar Rapids with our team from Virginia and will arrive late this evening. Our kitchen is arriving today and a refrigerated truck of food will be on site tomorrow. Other key staff are also in transit and will be arriving throughout the day.

+ + The whole town is wrecked

The situation across Iowa is bad, especially in the Cedar Rapids area where we are establishing our base of operations. The church we are partnering with had their roof completely blown off. A trailer park nearby is a tangle of debris. The whole town is wrecked. The downtown area is a "spaghetti tangle of power lines." Our contact says they had 100mph winds for three hours. This storm was certainly the equivalent of an inland hurricane. 
We are RUSHING to get our team in place over the next 24 hours. Our plan is to have meals going out by DINNER TOMORROW -- possibly even lunch tomorrow.

This is the most critical time of every deployment. Our largest expenses happen right now as we move our staff and equipment, and purchase the food to prepare and to serve thousands of meals.

Can you help TODAY so we can be fully equipped to serve thousands of meals to hard-hit Iowa families through this weekend and thousands more in the coming week? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift, and see below for more.

Thanks in advance, and God bless!