Our Mercy Chefs team has been on the ground in Israel for nearly three weeks and the need continues to increase.

This is one of the most important deployments in Mercy Chefs' history. We are feeding families who barely escaped with their lives from the initial Hamas attacks on October 7. We are delivering hot meals very close to the border of Gaza where Israeli families are huddling in bomb shelters each night (our team member is pictured here during a shelter delivery). And we are delivering Family Grocery Boxes that can provide a family with up to 20 meals to locations across Israel where the need is greatest.

I need your help THIS WEEK!

Over the next 72 hours alone, we'll provide thousands of meals to Israeli families. Will you help sponsor 10 meals for just $35? Or perhaps you can sponsor 20 meals ($70) or even 50 meals ($150). Go here to help us feed Israeli families TODAY:

I want Mercy Chefs to BE IN ISRAEL to help those who are hurting. To do so, we have to prepare for this to be an extended deployment.

Can you help us this week?

Go here to sponsor meals for Israeli families.

And please KEEP PRAYING for those in the crossfire of this war.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. I just sent a new chef team to relieve some of our staff who have been on the ground in Israel serving meals since shortly after the Hamas attacks. Will you be part of the "reinforcements" for this deployment? We need at least 250 friends to step forward in the next 48 hours and help us feed families in Israel. Go here: