Precisely one month ago, Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel. I want to share with you the story of one family who was trapped in their bomb shelter that morning as the terrorists were closing in. Please see below and go here to help us feed families in Israel today. --Gary

We will never forget October 7 -- one month ago -- when early on a Sabbath morning Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and killed more than 1,400 people. Not just killed. The terrorists tortured, maimed and then murdered innocent Israeli families. They also took more than 240 people, including infants, back into Gaza as hostages.

+ + How one Israeli family survived...

One of the Israeli families our team met -- a father, mother, and five children, ages 6-16 -- were in their home just west of Gaza that Saturday morning when the first alerts came. They followed emergency protocols and hid together in their bomb shelter.

After some time passed, they heard several rounds of gunfire along with voices speaking Arabic. They knew what that meant -- Hamas terrorists had invaded their communityAs the gunfire drew closer and the voices became louder, the parents realized they needed to leave the bomb shelter or they would likely be killed. But how could they get out of their shelter undetected?

Somehow, by some means, they managed to get to their car without being detected by Hamas. Inside the car, the mom and the kids all crouched down to stay hidden as their father began to drive as fast as he could. Since Hamas had taken control of the roads, the father had to drive across fields and take any passable route to get away from Hamas.

Again, somehow, they managed to escape Hamas, and the dad kept driving until they arrived at our base camp, still deeply shaken by what had just happened.

+ + Their miracle of survival continues...

Perhaps what's most amazing of all is that this family who so narrowly escaped death on October 7 is now helping Mercy Chefs and our partners prepare and deliver meals to others in need across Israel.

They nearly died at the hands of Hamas. They were driven from their homes. But now they are turning this tragedy into an opportunity to serve and help others.

This is why Mercy Chefs is in Israel -- because we have the opportunity to help families in their time of crisis. Our hot meals and Family Grocery Boxes are reaching towns near the Gaza border where families are still sleeping in bomb shelters, all the way to the north where attacks against Israel are on the rise. We're delivering Family Grocery Boxes into the West Bank. And we're feeding evacuees at our base camp.

I want to keep this lifeline of practical relief and hope going for families across Israel. But we can't do it without friends like YOU!

Will you prayerfully consider helping to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 of the hot meals we'll be serving in the coming days to families across Israel? Go here to send help and hope to Israel:

Even if you already donated to our Israel relief efforts, PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING AGAIN TODAY as Israel begins the second month of this struggle to protect their families.

Mercy Chefs has been in Israel for nearly a month. I want to help feed families for the next month and beyond. But to do so, I need your help.

Thank you for standing with the people of Israel, and for continuing to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs