Report from Romanian border of Ukraine:

We just received a huge shipment of baby formula for refugee families and hospitals inside Ukraine that are in desperate need. Please help us save babies in the Ukraine war zone by going here, and see below. --Gary

A special shipment arrived yesterday at our warehouse on the Ukrainian border in Romania... 4,000 cans of infant formula.

As I shared with you last week, there is an urgent need for baby formula. There is simply NO formula to be found inside Ukraine, even at the hospitals. When we learned of this need, we began searching across Europe and even worldwide. Amazingly, we found a supplier in the Netherlands who decided to pull what we needed straight off his production line because of the desperate need in Ukraine.

But here's the reality of the crisis in Ukraine... this shipment of baby formula has already been distributed today! Fourteen pallets! As I write, we are working to acquire more because the need is so desperate.

The cost of the baby formula alone is staggering, but I must get more. And I need to ramp up our food distribution into Ukraine immediately, which means I need your help in the next 24 hours if possible....

Will you help shoulder this financial burden as we work to help save babies in the midst of this war and continue to help feed tens of thousands of refugees and those deep inside Ukraine? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

+ + We're helping feed TENS OF THOUSANDS inside Ukraine this week! 

There's so much happening right now in Ukraine as the window of opportunity stays open for Mercy Chefs and our partners to deliver truckload after truckload of food deep inside Ukraine. The trucks keep arriving at our warehouse on the border in Romania where our team organizes the goods and prepares tractor-trailer truckloads for delivery to two warehouses inside Ukraine.

From there, the food is re-packaged for families and distributed through an amazing network of churches and volunteers.

And we're getting resources right to the front lines of the battle. We've already distributed 500,000 pounds of food and product across Ukraine, including directly into Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city and one of the epicenters of the fighting. The food and supplies you are helping to provide are saving lives in the Ukraine battle zone!

I'm headed into Ukraine tomorrow and will have so much more to share. But for now, please help me save babies in Ukraine this week!

Thanks in advance, and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. This is such a tragedy. The loss of life. Bombed out buildings. Human suffering and starvation. Thanks to you, Mercy Chefs and our partners are delivering literally tons of food directly into the Ukraine war zone -- over a HALF MILLION POUNDS so far. We just distributed a huge shipment of baby formula to help suffering babies, but I must get more. Please help. Go here: