As I write, our team is working hard to prepare lunch for flood victims and volunteers. As soon as lunch is done, we will get to work on dinner.

What drives us? The people. The families who have lost homes and cars but keep moving forward. The business owners who are working to get back on track. The kids who need to somehow get back in school this fall.

On every deployment, we are floored by the way communities respond to disaster. The people of Eastern Kentucky have continued to amaze us with their endurance in spite of their lives getting coated with mud or completely swept away from the flooding.

It is their perseverance that inspires us to keep serving meals that are making a difference. The thousands of Mercy Chefs meals you have helped us serve have become powerful touchpoints for the community. Amidst the devastating reality of what the floodwaters have done, each meal carries hope. Because someone cared enough to get up early this morning and prepare a chef-quality meal. And a friend they will never meet -- a friend like you -- cared enough to make it all possible.

This is the power of a shared meal.

Today through this weekend, we'll be sharing thousands more meals. Will you help Mercy Chefs prepare and deliver these meals to Kentucky flood victims? Please go here to help sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals:

Earlier this week after another rainstorm, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Oftentimes, the most vivid rainbows come after the darkest storms -- God's reminder that hope is not lost and brighter horizons are ahead!

Please keep praying for the people of Eastern Kentucky. And thanks in advance for your help today through this weekend as we feed families who have been hit so hard by the historic flooding.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

Go here to help Kentucky flood victims.