--Texas landfall today
--Grenada urgently needs help

After walloping the Caribbean and Mexico, Hurricane Beryl came ashore along the Texas coastline today as a Category 1 storm.

Over the weekend, Mercy Chefs began staging equipment and deploying a team to ensure a swift and effective response in Texas. Our mobile kitchen and box truck are arriving from our Storehouse in Tanner, AL, and will be positioned just outside the landfall zone.

+ + Grenada  "went through a grinder"

At the same time, another Mercy Chefs team arrived in Grenada over the weekend. Our staff is reporting to me that the island of Carriacou looks like it "went through a grinder."

Vegetation has been decimated. Most homes have been flattened. Those with concrete walls have lost their roofs. Plus, power is out, water is unavailable in many places, and food is scarce.

Our team spoke with a mother of five who had only received two pieces of dry ramen noodles for her family!

+ + Meals TOMORROW on Grenada

The good news is, we have identified a way to establish a kitchen on Carriacou. As I write, our team is procuring food and supplies so that WE CAN BEGIN SERVING MEALS AS SOON AS TOMORROW.

With our team on the frontlines of the relief effort in Grenada and also poised to respond as needed in Texas, I'm turning to you for help.

Could you help by sponsoring 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals for hurricane victims? Go here to help:

This is a fast-developing situation. Please be praying for those impacted by this storm, and be watching for more updates.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs