Yesterday, we received a heartwarming note from some residents of a village inside Ukraine who have been on the receiving end of your generous support.

The letter said, in part:

"Dear MercyChefs team! We are so thankful for the fact that at this difficult time for us you set your hearts towards us and gave us a hand.

"Thanks to you, the inhabitants of a remote village received foods which is really necessary for us to survive. We wish you prosperity and well-being."

The letter was a powerful reminder of how our work in Ukraine is literally saving lives. To date, Mercy Chefs has helped provide TWO MILLION pounds of food and resources to those living in Ukraine, many who are on the very front lines of this horrible war.

+ + Report: War May Last For MONTHS to come!

My heart is still breaking for the people of Ukraine, especially in light of reports today coming out of Ukraine's Directorate of Intelligence that Russia may not end this war until September! That could indicate FOUR MORE MONTHS of bombing and fear and shortages and starvation for the people of Ukraine. 

THIS WEEK, Mercy Chefs is on the ground in Ukraine, delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and supplies to those in need deep inside the country. I wish (and pray) that this war would end today. But we must prepare for many more weeks or even months in which Ukrainian citizens are depending on the support of friends like you. Your partnership will mean a world of difference for Ukrainian citizens THIS WEEK!

As we start our third month of emergency relief for Ukraine, will you join with me this week to provide food and supplies for those in Ukraine who are on the front lines of this terribly destructive war? Go here to help feed families inside Ukraine while we continue other efforts:

I'm totally committed to doing everything in our power to help the people of Ukraine, no matter how long this devastating invasion lasts. But we need your prayers and support!

Thanks in advance, and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. We have more trucks scheduled this week. With your help, we'll feed tens of thousands more inside Ukraine as this war stretches into its third month. The bills are mounting, but I must keep this lifeline open. Will you help? Go here: