We are still seeing LONG LINES of folks coming for meals. And the stories we are hearing are both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Please see below for Tammy's story, and go here to help us meet these needs and provide more than 4,000 hot meals in Florida today!  --Gary

Tammy came to Mercy Chefs this week with her two children for lunch. She lost her home in Hurricane Michael and is currently living out of her van.

Tammy, pictured here, is not alone. Many here are still homeless or displaced in "tent cities" or FEMA trailer parks. It's not uncommon to see an entire neighborhood of boarded-up homes -- the streets empty. Or houses half-draped in tarps as folks try to salvage a living space.

Tammy asked if she could take a few meals back to the FEMA trailer park because she knew there were many more folks who were struggling just to get by. So we sent her with about 20 meals. She quickly returned because there were more people who needed help, so we loaded her up with additional meals.

Tammy wanted to do more. So we gave her a "volunteer" t-shirt and she returned to help deliver meals the past two dinners. Remember... Tammy is living out of her van five months after the hurricane hit while she is also holding down a job and trying to raise her kids. But she wanted to help others. She wanted to give. "It's the right thing to do," she told us. "God would have me help others who have lost so much and are struggling each day."

+ + 4,000 meals today. YOUR HELP NEEDED!

This is why Mercy Chefs is here in Panama City. This is why we'll serve more than 4,000 meals today. We are still seeing long lines and expect extremely high meal counts both today and into the weekend.

So I'm turning to friends like you. As I've noted, we're serving about twice as many meals as we anticipated. Simply put, we need your continued help!

Will you help Mercy Chefs reach out to Tammy and so many others who are still facing critical needs here in Florida while we continue other vital efforts? With your help, we will serve 4,000 meals TODAY! Please go here to make your tax-deductible contribution:

It's heartbreaking to hear Tammy's continued struggles. Yet at the same time it's heartwarming to see firsthand how Tammy is reaching out, sharing love, and giving to others.

Thank you for reaching out, sharing love and partnering with Mercy Chefs as we feed body and soul here on the Florida Panhandle!

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc

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