Our team met Mary Anne (pictured here) and her sister Debbie while providing hot meals to a shelter here in Florida.

These sisters have faced a harrowing experience these past few days. Because they are at risk of seizures, they can’t drive a vehicle so they had to wait for an emergency evacuation as the storm approached. They left everything behind except a single suitcase, having no idea if their home would even survive the storm. 

After their narrow escape, they were given MRE’s while huddling in the shelter with dozens of other evacuees.

When our Mercy Chefs team arrived, Mary Anne and Debbie were sitting on a cot in the middle of the school auditorium. They were absolutely shocked to see that we were delivering hot, chef-prepared meals -- a connection to their normal lives that had been so disrupted.

Today, our teams are back at work preparing meals for Idalia victims in shelters, emergency workers and volunteers who are helping with the clean up. This area of Florida was hit hard by Idalia -- the worst disaster to hit Florida's Big Bend in decades. 

Mercy Chefs will serve thousands of meals across this region today through this weekend. Can I count on you to sponsor even 10 meals (just $35)? Perhaps you can do more and sponsor 20 ($70) or even 50 ($175) or 100 ($350). Go here to help provide hot meals to Idalia victims and volunteers:

The people here need help. The Big Bend area of Florida consists of mostly rural communities where times were tough even before this storm hit. For many here, even minor damage is a major crisis as countless families in the region lack sufficient home insurance and will be facing mountainous out-of-pocket costs.

Thank you so much for helping us bring hope to Mary Anne, Debbie, and so many others here in Florida.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. As Mary Anne was enjoying the lunch we provided to her and everyone at the shelter, she turned to our team and asked, "What's for dinner?" Her words serve as a reminder that we're not just providing meals. Mercy Chefs is helping these folks turn their attention to something good that is coming -- a lifeline of hope in the midst of disaster. Thanks in advance for partnering with us.