I'm sure you're seeing the news reports coming out of Maui. The people here are hurting.

Families who lost everything are living in shelters or with friends or in hotels -- trying to plan their next steps. Others whose homes were spared are working to restore some sense of normalcy for their lives. But there is still so much uncertainty, even about the final death toll. Authorities are working as fast as they can, but 800 people are still missing. 

Mercy Chefs is here in Lahaina. In addition to serving hot meals, we are also distributing Family Grocery Boxes that are helping to meet a very important need right now.

This is a very critical stage in the recovery of a community that has been devastated by disaster. As families return to their homes, many simply want the opportunity to cook fresh meals for their children. Also, many homes have gone from supporting four people to a dozen or more. That's why our Family Grocery Box program is so vital. These boxes are packed with produce, fruit, canned meat, pasta, rice, sugar, flour, and more.

We just crossed 35,000 meals provided to fire victims here in Maui. That number will continue to increase as we serve hot meals and distribute Family Grocery Boxes to Maui fire victims.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, can you help us this week? Just $35 helps provide 10 hot meals or 20 meals through a Family Grocery Box. Go here to help Maui wildfire victims:

A few weeks after disaster hits, the reality of just how hard it will be to recover begins to set in. At the same time, we see the great determination of the human spirit rise up to meet the challenge. 

We are here to help those who are still too devastated to move forward and those who are taking the first steps to rebuild their lives.

Please pray and help as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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