The entire island of Maui is still stunned. The death toll continues to climb (now 96) and as many as 1,000 are still missing. Search and rescue workers have only reached a small percentage of the destroyed homes and buildings.

This is the largest fire disaster to hit America in more than a century.

As I write, Mercy Chefs is ON THE GROUND in Maui serving meals from two locations that span both sides of the island. We are getting meals to those who have evacuated to shelters as well as families who are still without power or are, sadly, sifting through the burnt wreckage of their homes in Lahaina.

We need help right now to meet the urgent need. Many more people need our support and we can provide them with hot meals -- with your help!

Can I count on you today? Even if you've already sent a gift, your gift right now will help us rush relief to the frontlines of this disaster and provide hot meals to wildfire victims. Go here to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals for Maui wildfire victims:

The demand for meals, especially in Lahaina, has been increasing. I want to do everything in our power to reach these folks who have already suffered so greatly.

With your help, we can put a hot meal in the hands of a person who just saw all their earthly belongings consumed in a raging wildfire.

Hot, nutritious meals in the midst of disaster make an enormous difference.

Please pray, and help us feed those still desperately in need in the midst of this immense disaster.

God bless,