Recovery For Hurricane Michael Victims...

Help us bring relief to thousands of kids still homeless from Hurricane Michael!

Hurricane Michael was the fourth largest storm in U.S. history -- but has received less aid than any hurricane that Mercy Chefs has ever seen. With 40% of all buildings in Panama City still uninhabitable, thousands are being forced to the streets and reports indicate at least 5,500 children are now homeless!

Panama City officials have given us one of the shut down schools with a complete kitchen as our base of operations. Mercy Chefs will serve between 5,000 and 15,000 meals EVERY WEEK while providing lodging for 80-100 volunteers who will help with the recovery. 

CRITICAL NEED THIS WEEK: We are already serving meals but must finish our work converting the school facility in the "Beacon Of Hope" center. Can you help us get this done THIS WEEK?

Four friends donating $50 can help equip a bunk. Two friends contributing $100 will build and equip a bunk. Perhaps you can sponsor one bunk for $200, two bunks for $400, or even five bunks for $1,000. Your gift will help Mercy Chefs continue to support the Panhandle and other regions impacted by natural disasters while we continue other efforts. Please complete the form below to make your tax-deductible gift to Mercy Chefs!

To support Mercy Chefs by check, please print this page and mail it with your check to: Mercy Chefs, c/o Grassroots Action, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA 23321


Contributions are tax deductible.