Ann and I have been in Honduras this week with a Mercy Chefs team as we bring relief to communities that have been hit once again by natural disaster.

Earlier this month, deadly floods rushed through Central America in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Julia. Right now, Mercy Chefs is working with several of our beloved church partners in Honduras to assemble grocery bags for those in need.

Each bag is stuffed with rice, beans, pasta, coffee, matches, and enough pantry staples to feed a family of 8 for up to 15 days -- and costs just $20!

Will you help sponsor two families to have food necessities for up to 15 days for just $40? Perhaps you can sponsor five families ($100), or even 10 families ($200). Go here to help families in critical need in Honduras while we continue other vital efforts:

Just two years ago, Honduras was decimated by back-to-back hurricanes. In the wake of those vicious 2020 storms, Mercy Chefs launched a major relief effort that delivered tens of thousands of meals to Hondurans in need. Since then, we have continued to support struggling communities throughout Honduras.

Our team is delivering these family grocery packs directly to those in need in the hill country of Honduras. With your help, we are reaching hurting families who usually don't receive help.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and partnership.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. We still need help with Land Rover's "Defender Service Awards" challenge. Go here to vote for Mercy Chefs to receive a Land Rover Defender 130 to help our relief efforts, and please note you can vote once per day: