I want you to meet Kelly...

She's a young girl in Honduras who right now is living with her family in a make-shift tent constructed of tree limbs and any tarps the family could find.

Her family lost everything when the Chamelecon River flooded its banks. Much of their belongings were destroyed and their home was left in ruins. 

They now live on the edge of a highway. We met Kelly this past weekend. She was staying at the tent while her parents worked on cleaning their home to somehow make it habitable once again.

This weekend, your support helped feed Kelly and hundreds more like her. Here she is holding a Mercy Chefs meal...

+ + 50 families had not eaten in DAYS!

The level of need our team saw this past weekend was heartbreaking and shocking. On Friday, we heard about a community of about 50 families up in the mountains that had been isolated by the widespread mudslides. We drove about an hour before our vehicle got stuck in the mud. A neighbor with a 4x4 helped us get moving again and we drove another hour when the road became completely impassable.

Our team then walked another 30 minutes before finally reaching this isolated community that had no electricity and no running water. Many people there had not eaten in DAYS!

Several of the men in the community walked back to our vehicle with us and helped carry critically needed groceries, hygiene kits and even clothes to these stranded families.

All this was in addition to our work providing hot meals for two shelters and an orphanage, along with Family Survival Meal Packs that are providing thousands more meals.

As we start another week of outreach in Honduras, the situation is still desperate. Since Mercy Chefs arrived, we've provided tens of thousands of meals and countless thousands of gallons of drinking water, in addition to clothes and urgently needed basic supplies. But with each day, we learn about new, desperate pockets of need such as these 50 families who had been stranded without food.

I want to do even more in Honduras while we continue to feed hundreds of thousands here at home this month. But to do so, Mercy Chefs needs your help! Will you prayerfully consider helping us meet these critical needs right now? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

If you already helped with our Honduras outreach, THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you can help again, please consider doing so. The need is urgent. If you haven't yet partnered with Mercy Chefs to provide relief to Honduras hurricane victims, PLEASE DO SO TODAY! For just $10, we can feed a family of four for five days. Just $30 feeds three families; $50 five families; $100 will help us feed TEN FAMILIES of four for five days.

Every gift makes a difference. Please prayerfully consider how you can help. And please pray for the people of Honduras. Weeks after the hurricanes hit, we are still reaching communities that have no electricity, no water and NO FOOD!

Thanks in advance, and God bless you for helping those less fortunate.

Gary LeBlanc