In addition to deploying in the aftermath of disasters, Mercy Chefs is also providing food relief every day through community kitchens across the country and our growing Mercy Chefs Global international outreaches.

Earlier this month, our team traveled to Cuba to provide kitchen training for chefs and volunteers and also to provide hot meals. We were able to support local pastors and churches who are meeting practical needs in their communities. This is yet another country that I never could have imagined Mercy Chefs could reach. But as we simply continue to follow our mission to "Just Go Feed People," doors keep opening and people are helped.

We are seeing amazing opportunities to help the hurting across Latin America. In June, Mercy Chefs officially launched a new global kitchen in Honduras that is providing hot meals locally while also training leaders across Latin America in the best practices for food relief. This kitchen will enable Mercy Chefs to equip leaders to live out our mission of feeding body and soul in multiplied communities throughout the region, impacting many countries.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, it seems every week we are presented with new opportunities to help the hurting. Over the past 45 days, Mercy Chefs has served tens of thousands of meals to disaster victims and tens of thousands more to folks facing hardship here in America and around the world.

Will you help us this week to keep this mission growing to reach the hurting and equip communities? Go here to take your tax-deductible gift and help Mercy Chefs feed body and soul:

I am so grateful for your partnership. Whether we are serving wildfire victims on Maui or equipping local leaders in Cuba, your support makes every meal and every outreach possible.

Thank you so much and may God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs