The community surrounding the collapsed Miami condominium is still very much in crisis. Latest reports now have confirmed nine fatalities with 152 still missing. Search and rescue workers continue their around-the-clock efforts. In order to reach the depths of the collapsed structure, workers have dug a trench 40 feet deep that stretches 125 feet. 

+ + I'm headed to Miami today...

Mercy Chefs has been on the ground since Friday. This morning, we again served breakfast to rescue workers who had labored all night. Ann and I are headed to Miami THIS AFTERNOON to further assess the situation. I have already mobilized one of our kitchen trucks so we can be ready to expand our meal service.

This is a terrible tragedy. I want to help in every way possible. Will you partner with Mercy Chefs TODAY as we continue to feed search and rescue workers who are still combing through the rubble while we continue other efforts? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

We are already engaged with FEMA search and rescue task force teams. A rescue team from Israel just arrived. Officials were asking us about the possibility of providing kosher style meals for those who have come from Israel. At this point, we do not know specifically what the expanded response will be, but that's why Ann and I are going today. We need to be on the ground to assess so we can respond quickly.

Please continue to pray for this community. A local pastor said, "It’s been a huge shock, and the shock keeps getting bigger." The sad reality of lost loved ones is now setting in. I'm sure the whole area has been gripped by fear. And thanks in advance for your help today.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Again, Ann and I will be in Miami later today and will provide an update. Please pray. And please help us respond! Go here: