Yesterday, we received a call for help from our friends in Miami after the collapse of the condominium building in the community of Surfside (just north of Miami).

The situation is tragic. As of last report, four are confirmed dead and 159 are still unaccounted for. Search and rescue workers are laboring around the clock right now hoping to find survivors.

Our team responded immediately and THIS MORNING served breakfast to both families and first responders at the respite center which has been set up at the site of the collapse.

We will also be serving meals tomorrow, which means I could use your help THIS WEEKEND as we respond to this crisis.

Will you help me provide meals to families and first responders who are still combing through the rubble in the aftermath of this tragic building collapse in South Florida while we continue other vital efforts? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

+ + Conditions are terrible

These are very difficult conditions for rescue workers. One of the workers told us they can only do 30-minute shifts with the respirators on because of the dangerous chemicals the fire is giving off.

When our team arrived this morning, many of the rescue workers had been working all night and were wondering where they would find some food or a cup of coffee. It was our privilege to provide both breakfast and coffee to the workers. 

This is why Mercy Chefs is here -- to provide relief in the form of meals during crisis situations.

Please pray for the people of South Florida. Pray for the rescue workers. And thank you so much for partnering with Mercy Chefs.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. These crisis situations often open doors or our team to pray for those who are in the middle of a crisis. Yesterday, Wanda -- who is leading our efforts in Miami -- prayed with those gathered at the respite center. Again this morning, after we delivered the meals, we prayed with the rescue workers. Thank you for making it possible for Mercy Chefs to bring hope in the midst of disaster.