As of this morning more than 950 earthquakes and aftershocks have hit Puerto Rico in the past few days. Reports indicate that THREE MORE quakes that shook the ground hit earlier today. As a result, the people are still gripped with fear and uncertainty. CBS News is reporting this morning that "thousands" are still sleeping outside for fear of their homes collapsing on them during the next shaking. That's what our team member confirmed after visiting ground zero today to deliver our water unit.

And as we get a closer look at the devastation in Puerto Rico from our partners on the ground, the images are disturbing.

Historic churches damaged beyond repair.

Other buildings reduced to rubble. 

ABC News calls the situation a "deepening" crisis as 1 million still were without power as of yesterday and hundreds of thousands without reliable drinking water.

TODAY, one of our key Mercy Chefs staffers personally delivered a high-output water purification unit to one of the areas of greatest need. 

But I want to do much more, especially as as the scope of this disaster becomes more and more clear. I'm asking for every Mercy Chefs team member to partner with us THIS WEEKEND in a special way so we can do everything possible to help. 

Can I count on your help? Even if you already contributed, go here now to make your best possible tax-deductible gift to Mercy Chefs so we can do everything in our power to help earthquake victims in Puerto Rico and continue other vital efforts.

Thank you and God bless you!

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. Again, Mercy Chefs is on the ground TODAY delivering a high-output water purification unit. What more we can do will be determined in large part by the faithful partnership of friends like you! Go here to help:

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