Russia is continuing what amounts to a TERROR campaign against the nation and people of Ukraine. While most of the military fighting is along the eastern front of the country, Russian forces are repeatedly sending missiles into central and western cities where it is clear the targets are civilians.

It happened again on Thursday when an attack on Vinnytsia in western Ukraine killed 23 civilians, including three under the age of 10. More than 70 have been hospitalized and 18 are still missing. The death toll is likely to increase. A spokesperson for Ukraine's president said:

"...each time it happens in a civilian city, where there is no military people, no military objects, just the central square of a city. Unfortunately it happens practically, if not every day, but every week”.

+ + You are helping bake fresh bread for those on the frontlines...

In the midst of repeated air sirens and strikes like what happened in Vinnytsia, the people of Ukraine need practical help. And that's what Mercy Chefs is providing.

For example, our team has been supporting local bakers with the basic ingredients so they can make bread for the troops on the frontlines as well as those who have been displaced and are hoping for better days to come. Bread for troops and displaced families... this is the practical level of the need in Ukraine.

This is why your partnership with Mercy Chefs is so vital -- even this weekend. Every week, Mercy Chefs and our partners are providing 100,000 pounds of food and supplies to refugees, orphanages, and those in need deep inside Ukraine. And every week, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us THIS WEEKEND so we can keep this lifeline of hope in Ukraine going -- and so that families and those on the very front lines can have fresh bread? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Bringing relief to a war zone is unlike anything Mercy Chefs has ever done. From feeding displaced families, to providing meals for refugee camps and orphanages, to getting supplies to local bakers so they can bake fresh bread for troops -- every day, we're helping as many people as we possibly can.

And friends like you make every pound of food -- and every loaf of bread -- possible. Thank you for helping to bring hope in the midst of this horrible crisis.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs