More trouble ahead for our nation's economy and especially hurting families and elderly shut-ins...

The new unemployment claims rose again this past week. Another 1.4 MILLION Americans filed FIRST-TIME unemployment claims.

Analysts were stunned.

+ + "The economy cannot carry on for long"

"The economy cannot carry on for long" with more than a million workers losing their jobs each and every week, said one economist. Bankruptcies are rising among retail businesses and the worry now is that "temporary job losses will become permanent" resulting in "an even slower pace of recovery."


If these analysts had been at one of our Farmer's to Families distribution centers in the past few days, they wouldn't have been shocked. We are experiencing the front-lines of the reality of the nation's ongoing economic crisis every day in the seemingly unending demand for meals. Every month we set new records in the number of people we are reaching. Yesterday we surpassed FIVE MILLION MEALS since our founding. And July has already been historic. As of yesterday we had already provided ONE MILLION MEALS THIS MONTH ALONE -- and we still have six days left in the month!

+ + Your help URGENTLY needed!

Never before in our history has Mercy Chefs reached so many people. But that means I need your help right now as much as at any time in our history because we simply could not have budgeted for this explosive growth in outreach.

Thankfully, as I've shared with you, some dear friends have helped to fund a special $30,000 SUMMER OUTREACH MATCHING CHALLENGE. But we really need to FULLY MATCH this amount by the end of the month to help us keep pace with the demand on this ministry right now.

As of this morning, we had reached about 25% of that goal -- with just six days left in the month. We need to be at 50% of the goal or more by Monday.

Can you help THIS WEEKEND?  Go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs and help us provide meals to hurting folks this summer while we continue other vital efforts:

 + + Every dollar you give doubles in impact!

Remember, EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE WILL BE DOUBLED IN IMPACT by this special summer outreach challenge:

  • A gift of $50 will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT to $100 and help provide 200 meals during this crisis
  • Just $100 DOUBLED to $200 will help us provide 400 meals to hurting families and elderly shut-ins
  • If you can help with $250, it will be matched by another gift of $250 and help us reach ONE THOUSAND people
  • $500 doubles to $1,000; $1,000 doubles to $2,000, and so on

This is such a critical time. Because many states are experiencing increases in coronavirus cases, many areas have slowed or halted their re-open plans. That means many families are facing very difficult times this summer.

People are relying on Mercy Chefs RIGHT NOW to help them feed their families.

Please help.

And remember that your gift will be doubled in impact by this special Summer Outreach Challenge.

Thank you for your faithful partnership with Mercy Chefs, and God bless.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. If you already gave toward this challenge, THANK YOU! If not, please prayerfully consider helping today. I want to fully match this $30,000 challenge by the end of the month. As of this morning, we had reached about 25% of the goal. Please help. Thanks in advance, and go here to donate online or by check: