Wednesday Morning:
(From LaPlace, Louisiana)

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My heart is breaking. It's been a full month since Hurricane Ida came ashore here in coastal Louisiana, and I just drove through communities that look as if the storm just hit days ago.

I prepared this video report for you from one of the communities that was especially decimated:

There is unimaginable damage here. Miles and miles of debris. I saw entire neighborhoods of homes under blue tarps. Not just an occasional home, but virtually every home on the street. Trailer parks have been completely decimated. Some folks are still trying to live in half-destroyed trailers. Others have just resorted to living in tents and under tarps they have strung to create some semblance of cover.

The fact is, the situation is still bleak for far too many folks. But these are proud people. Many are too busy trying to put their lives back together to even think of reaching out for help. 

We started serving meals yesterday in two communities. Already, the need is growing as word spreads. We're also helping the linemen and women who are working to restore power. Many haven't seen a hot meal in days.

We were asked to come back and meet this need. Now I need your support so we can help these wonderful people who have faced very harsh conditions for a full month now. 

Will you partner with Mercy Chefs to help these families in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida? Your gift today will help us provide meals this week. Go here to help sponsor meals for Ida victims:

Again, my heart breaks. I'm from these parts. I know the people. They are wonderful folks who were just hit with one of the worst hurricanes ever to come ashore in America. And they still need our help. 

Thanks for your prayers. And thanks in advance for partnering with Mercy Chefs.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc

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