My team has just finalized "Surge" -- our QUARTERLY REPORT on Mercy Chefs' outreach efforts -- in a new interactive online version. Go here to view our June issue of Surge.

This report features details on Mercy Chefs' now three-month-long deployment to Ukraine and how your support is helping us provide relief to hundreds of thousands in this war-torn land.

The June issue of Surge also includes reports on our recent deployments for the New Mexico wildfires and the Mayfield (KY) tornado, as well as a feature on our wonderful volunteers and my thoughts on the horrendous war in Ukraine.

As I say in Surge, war is horrible. No words or photos can describe the anguish. Sadly, the wreckage we have seen in Ukraine is shockingly similar to the aftermath of a massive natural disaster. There is destruction and despair everywhere.

Yet in the midst of this horror, the Lord has opened up a miraculous door for Mercy Chefs to help deliver over 2 million pounds of food and supplies to those on the front lines of this war. The same cities you are hearing about in the news are the cities in which we are providing tangible relief -- all thanks to friends like you.

So please take a few minutes to view this issue of Surge, and God bless you for making it possible for our team to reach so many in need.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs