These are the times when we need our faithful Mercy Chefs partners to help us in a big way. Mercy Chefs is fully engaged in two major deployments. We'll serve 25,000 meals this week, and I need your help. Please see below.  --Gary

Yesterday, I joined our Mercy Chefs team here in Beaumont, Texas, where the flooding from last week's tropical storm is the worst they have seen in history.
The major Interstate is still closed and entire neighborhoods have been overwhelmed by floodwaters. I never get used to seeing home after home with mountains of debris stacked on the curb representing all or most of a family's earthly possessions. Floodwaters are filthy, and they destroy everything in their path.

Today, we started providing hot meals to flood victims in an area shelter that is busting at the seams because they just absorbed all the folks from a nearby shelter that was destroyed by the flood. Tomorrow, we'll add an even larger shelter. We're also providing hot meals to the volunteer "muck out" crews who are coming in to help salvage as many flooded homes as possible. This is in addition to the many meals we will hand out to flood victims in the surrounding neighborhoods.

+ + My urgent challenge

What's happening in Texas alone is a very important deployment for Mercy Chefs. But these historic floods in Texas come at a time when Mercy Chefs is still FULLY ENGAGED in the disaster response in the Bahamas. News is now breaking confirming earlier reports that the final death toll will be far greater than what has been officially announced. A CNN crew reporting yesterday from Grand Bahama Island said that "U.S. medics can smell more bodies than they can find." And from what I saw, the situation is even worse on Abaco, where death and destruction are everywhere. 

So here's my challenge...

With Mercy Chefs fully deployed in two critical relief efforts, we will serve as many as 25,000 hot meals THIS WEEK! I simply cannot turn away from the desperate need in the Bahamas, where we continue to reach thousands of evacuees who lost everything. And we must help our friends in Texas who just faced the worst flooding they have ever seen -- even worse in parts than what happened from Harvey two years ago.

Can you help us THIS WEEK serve up to 25,000 meals to flood victims and volunteers in Texas and hurricane evacuees who lost everything in the Bahamas? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

These dual deployments are stretching our manpower and resources. But this is why Mercy Chefs exists! And we know that every time we serve a meal to a flood or hurricane victim, a faithful partner like you is standing with us to make it possible!

This week we are FULLY DEPLOYED in response to two disasters. We'll serve 25,000 meals or more. Please prayerfully consider how you can help, and go here to make your gift.

Thank you in advance for your help this week, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Founder
Mercy Chefs

P.S. Earlier today, we served our 60,000th meal in the Bahamas. These are HOT, NUTRITIOUS MEALS that are meeting a critical need. All this week, Mercy Chefs teams are fully deployed in response to two disasters, and we need your help to serve an additional 25,000 meals. Go here to help: