Report from Inside Ukraine:

Yesterday, Ann and I traveled inside Ukraine to take part in Mercy Chefs' critical deliveries of food and resources to the people who are suffering so greatly in the midst of this tragic war.

I filed a report for you from southern Ukraine. Click below to watch:

+ + Ukrainian pastor pleading for food...

I'm reporting from one of the two warehouses inside Ukraine that we are delivering to, as well as the direct deliveries we make deep into Ukraine. Mercy Chefs and our partners have delivered over 40 tons of food directly to Kharkiv -- Ukraine's second largest city which has been under near constant bombardment since the war began.

As I share in the video, I just spoke with a pastor who shared that his people are holding out in their basements, hoping to make it through another night of bombing. He summed up his most urgent request with these words:

"We don't need gold. We just need food."

Food to survive. It's come down to this on the front lines of this war.

On your behalf, Mercy Chefs is here delivering food (over 700,000 pounds as of yesterday) and a lifeline of hope. But the cost is great. Each of the trucks we are moving costs about $40,000. The expense is enormous, but I want to do even more. If I could double our deliveries today I would, but we need the resources.

So I'm asking again... because the situation is so desperate and the window of opportunity is still open to help those who are suffering inside Ukraine...

Even if you have already donated to help us in Ukraine, would you prayerfully consider making your best possible gift THIS WEEKEND so we can reach more people deep inside Ukraine as well as the refugees who are fleeing the country? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

If you haven't yet donated to help with Ukraine relief, PLEASE DO SO TODAY! We are reaching tens upon hundreds of thousands of people, but the costs are enormous. We need every Mercy Chefs team member doing their part, no matter the size of your gift. If you can help with $30, $50, $100 or more, it will be a great blessing to those we are helping. Perhaps you can do more. Maybe your church could sponsor an entire truckload of relief for Ukraine! I'm only asking because the need is so urgent.

Most importantly, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for the people of Ukraine who are suffering so greatly right now. My heart breaks for the people, especially the children who are caught up in the midst of something they cannot even begin to understand. Yesterday, we delivered supplies to an orphanage inside Ukraine that was facing critical needs. Everything about what's happening in Ukraine is painful. But we can pray and we can help!

Thank you and God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs