I need help.

The wildfire emergency in northern New Mexico is getting worse by the day. The "red flag" winds (with gusts of 40-70mph) have fueled these fires day after day, and the long-term weather forecast shows NO PRECIPITATION at least for the next week.

The massive Calf Canyon-Hermits Peak Fire has now consumed over 260,000 acres and likely will grow to be the largest wildfire in state history if it continues at its current pace since it is only 29% contained. Local officials are calling it "remarkable" and "unprecedented." A U.S. Forest Service official said the fires here are "going to keep growing" and more firefighters are headed to the area.

That means Mercy Chefs needs to keep serving! And I need your help today through this weekend.

Every meal we serve to evacuated families, volunteers and emergency workers is made possible by friends like you. We'll serve thousands of meals during this deployment. Will you sponsor 10 ($35), 20 ($70), 50 ($175) or even 100 ($350) or more meals today? Go here to sponsor wildfire relief meals for families and emergency personnel:

We are now serving several communities that have been impacted by these wildfires. I need your help to meet our current meal service, and I'm asking you to go the extra mile with me so we can reach even more people.

Many of the families we are serving are facing enormous fear. They don't know if their homes will even survive. The hot meals you are providing are a great blessing and comfort in these difficult times.

Thanks in advance, and God bless.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Yesterday as we drove, the massive billows of smoke from the wildfires dominated the skyline. It's an ominous scene. Just over those hills, thousands upon thousands of acres are being consumed every day, threatening more communities. Please help us feed evacuated families and emergency workers. Go here:

Top photo: U.S. Forest Service
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